Plagiarized Marketing
  • What about the retro?

    What better way to kick off plagiarized marketing then to harken back to the days of advertising glory...where kitch was still funny/campy (on purpose) and truth in advertising was...well, still not truth...but at least there was no real attempt to hide that fact.

    To begin to find the truth of good marketing you have to start somewhere more a world before "Social Media" or psychographics. And, what better time than when television, radio and mainstream broadcast ruled the marketing world.
  • How You Can Contribute

    So - is this a fight that we're fighting alone? Not even close. Instead we want you to pull together with us...and help us get the word out about bad marketing.

    There are severel ways to help... You can become a blogger for us with Plageriazed Nation. You can spread the word via facebook and other social media. You can even purchase items in our store and wear cool t-shirts, drink out of cool mugs, or pins on your body from
  • Plagiarized What?

    A while back I came across an online article about how there is a lot of space junk floating around "out there"...and immediately, I began to think about our clientele for brand consultation and marketing and made a strangely odd, yet frightful connection...

    You see, the article went on to say that all that floating space junk could cause serious damage to a space station, even if it were the smallest piece of junk. And I couldn't get rid of the thought that similarly, there was a serious threat posed by all the "junk marketing" out there as well.

    So, the next thing to do was to create a website to protect you and your business from "junk marketing", that is, rehashed, reused and repositioned marketing principles from so called experts. Because, frankly, there is some bad marketing advice floating out there causing a lot of bad damage to small and large business...all in the name (believe it or not) of sound marketing.

Plagiarized Marketing